Sunday, September 9, 2012

Let's build a house .... with custom doors!

Back in early 2004, I received an inquiry, from a gentleman, in the Bay area.  He had recently purchased a piece of property on the Mendocino Coast and he was starting his long term project of build his “dream home”.  He was start by building his Garage and he wanted, of all doors, a Dutch Door on each side of his garage.  Soooo we discussed designs, an estimate was given, and a long friendship had begun.

I built two Dutch Doors for his garage, which is really “control central” for a roof full of solar panels, which will provide all of his future electricity for his garage and home.


The siding on the building was milled on this land and this is one of the more beautiful garages I’ve seen over the many years I’ve been building and making doors.  It turns out that the garage is also the “headquarters” for future building projects ....... and answering the phone when he’s on his 

Then, moving on to July of 2007 he contacted me regarding another pair of doors to be placed on his Generator out-building he was about to start constructing.  It is a large building up on a knoll between the Garage and future home site. 

getting closer to today ............ Then in June of 2010 I received an email from my friend.  It read ...."We are just about finished with house design here and I would like to meet with you to discuss doors.  Can I come by one of these weekends on a Saturday to discuss?"
We started by going over rough openings, design ideas, drawings, and more drawings.  Some of the doors are now onto version 6 and I think we've got it, the final designs.

  I enjoy the process, but mostly, I strive for three experiences with each door client. 

One, and foremost ..... that the client receives the design and door which makes them happy and fulfilled that they have received the "door of their dream".  

Two, that the client becomes and remains my friend.  It is not pleasurable when working with unhappy folks who do not appreciate the effort and craftsmanship that we put into each door we create.

Three,  I always sleep better when I am remunerated for my efforts.  I'm reminded by a thought, I once read,...."No one can ever pay you for what you love to do, but they can pay for for your time."

More to come soon ........ please visit my Website.

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