Friday, December 14, 2012

One doormakers solution ........

Here is One doormakers solution to the everlasting question.......
"How do you hang a wreath
on a Craftsman Door with no nails?"

A client asked me this very question so I laid awake a few nights before 
I came up with this solution.

Take a thin ribbon of any width and cut it long enough to tie around your bow
 or fasten it to your bow


My Dentil shelves are about 1/16" off of the door surface for water drainage,
 so slide both ends of the ribbon down behind the shelf

Here I am using a dowel to show you the principle, but......

you can use a much smaller item like a toothpick or the shaft of a Q-tip

mark the toothpick to the width of the ribbon

cut off the excess and pull the ribbon tight

Now just attach the wreath to your ribbon ....... and
Have a Very Merry Christma!

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