Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Design-Your-Door.com ............ For Real !!

Thought I’d point out that I really give my clients the time and opportunity to design the door for their home, store, or lodge.  We meet, usually over the phone or the web, and there is a series of questions to find out if I’m a real person or a factory rep.  They usually see a door on my SITE (link) that they envision on their home .......... but with a “few” changes.  I frequently draw 2, 3, or 4 versions of my clients ideas and slowly but surely we narrow down the design until “it’s just what they wanted”.  I am happy to draw and redraw versions until I come up with the fulfillment of the clients dream door, that is my goal.
and turn it into Custom Doors

I have an entire section on my Site to drawings that I have drawn for clients and not yet created.  .......... I think you’ll see that I’m happy to draw ideas for you.......... ‘till we get it right.

The theme and glass color in this door, was designed by my client in Alaska.
  The upper white and blue glass signify the sky and clouds 
above the setting sun on the ocean and horizon.
The gold rays were laid out (exactly) by my client,
 and only he knows their exact meaning

I realize now, that the one of the pleasures of  "going to the office" each day. is knowing that I can play a part in fulfilling my clients vision and dream for their home of office.

This is an idea I had for an interesting
custom entry door.
I make a few doors each year, just because I want to.
I call them ....... "self commissions"

I want each of my clients to see their dreams and “spirit” in their door.  My doors are designed and constructed to last 100 years.  I make a statement on my site, and I try to live by it.

                         "To sacrifice quality, is to deprive future generations of our craft"

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