Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have to start somewhere!

In the making of Our custom doors, there is always stories and footnotes that are attached to each project, so it was suggested that I might start sharing some of the experiences and "adventures" in the making of unique custom doors.

Let's start with the ethic that is the behind each door.  My goal is to make a door that will last the client for many decades and several generations to come.  For several years I made furniture, but never found that style that took hold of me and pointed into my creative future.  Then I realized I still had to make a living, and it had to be by working with wood.  I went back to doing carpentry and home construction and my clients asked if I would make the cabinets for the house I was building. So I made his cabinets and many more for several years.  
These are California Oak kitchen cabinets with hand-planed dome panels
 that I made for James Krenov and his wife when they moved to the U.S

I became interested in building doors when those same new home owners asked If I made doors.  My answer was, sure ........... then I’d go and figure out how to do it, the right way.  Over the years I have developed several new procedures that allow me to build a elegantly designed door that utilizes craftsmanship and structural integrity with a traditional or contemporary design.  I will try over time to share and explain some of the new procedures and techniques that I use everyday in the making of all of our unique custom wood doors.

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