Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Path to making a door that would last the tests of time

I’ve always wanted to do something “special” for a client .......... something that will mean a lot to that person and myself.  I found that feeling when I made some furniture pieces but I never found a “path” for my furniture that I could travel.
The doors became an adventure in construction style and then designs.  I started out making simple doors with lumber from the local lumber yard.  My tools were a tabelsaw, joiner, router (for the molded edge and round corner), and of course a sander.  They were basic and if I could find some figured wood (curly or ?), all the better

This is a Redwood door I made for this home.
 I made the doors. windows, and cabinets.
This is an early interior door that
 I made using a router and a shaper

Also, I was making dozens of Redwood windows for my building projects and for other contractors and homeowners.  I made casement, double-hung, and larger picture windows, all out of VG Redwood that I could buy right here in town (Fort Bragg-Mendocino, CA).  As time went on, I  found myself very interested in the beautiful style and architecture of Greene and Greene and even made some windows “styled” after the Greene Brothers.

.......... the interesting side effect from researching the Green Brothers is learning their respect for continuity in design and the dedication to craftsmanship in their construction, from stone work to fine furniture to the hand-woven carpets.  If that generation can respect their craft that much, so can this generation and my children generation too!

With that inspiration I developed a dedication to the creation of woodwork with integrity, craftsmanship and “soul”.

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